• Elijah Ricks

So Endeth Our Summer

Today marks the official last day of our summer break. Avey starts the 2nd grade tomorrow! She is really excited, and I think the boys are looking forward to having less competition for Mom’s attention during the day. 

Looking back, we accomplished quite a lot over these past few months. We picked out a home, moved across the country, and got nearly all the way unpacked in just a few weeks.

Carver, arguably, has made the most progress this summer, as he became potty trained. He has been accident-free for about two weeks now. A few days ago, I moped that nobody cheers for me when I finish using the water closet. Avey rolled her eyes and said, “Dad, you are 33. You were done with potty training like 20 years ago.” Although Avey was right that I’d been through with it for a long while, I was a little insulted that she was 10 years short in her estimation.

I spent most of the week in meetings for my new job. I had new faculty orientation, a psychology department meeting, and I attended a convocation for the incoming students to kick off the new year. As a new faculty member, I was seated on the stage with a few others. It was pretty neat, and an exciting way to kick off the semester. I start teaching on Tuesday.

Hakan has been climbing like it’s his job. Just this week he managed to get up on the couch by himself, and then made it onto Carver’s bed. If he could be careful once he’s up high, that would be one thing. But the kid loves to run about bounce and fall. It’s a good thing my insurance kicks in soon…

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