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A very happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there! But really, it is a happier day for us children who are fortunate enough to have such wonderful people in our lives. 

We had a slightly less hectic week now that the semester is over. I was able to help get kids fed and clothed most days before heading to “work” in the basement. I am doing my first ever online course this summer, so I am working on recording narrated lectures and working out all of the tricks with the online settings so that by the first day of class it will just run on its own and I’ll check in to do a little grading throughout the summer. 

We spent yesterday afternoon filling our flower pots with some lovely flowers. Each of us has our own pot to deck out (Merritt and I are sharing one), so we all went to the flower store and chose some that caught our fancy, then we tried very hard to keep Merritt from destroying our work as we planted them.

He got a few bites of the soil, but we kept him away from the flowers pretty well. Hopefully he will let them live for a little while.

Hakan had a few funny moments this week. At one meal, he was starting to explain something to me that he had seen in a movie or something – I never actually found out. As he was trying to explain it, he seemed to lose his train of thought, so he stopped and sighed, then asked me, “Dad, what am I talking about?”

Last night, the kids and I were sitting on the couch and got talking about graduate school for some reason. I mentioned that I had done 6 years of graduate school, and then the older two and I talked about what it was like. Hakan decided that he would pipe in, and offered, “I got a banana from the store!” Avey and I couldn’t stop laughing for a while after that one.

Avey has decided that she will buy a large snake when she’s 12 (we won’t let her get one until Merritt is a little older). I bet that she’ll be more interested in boys and friends by then, but keep your fingers crossed.

Merritt is a real chatterbox lately, often babbling as if he’s actually saying something. He still spends most of his time trying to get into areas and things that are off limits, including the bathroom, this computer, and any electrical outlets in the house.

Hakan is working on being patient with his younger sibling. He has almost no tolerance for the little guy. Luckily, he’s safe as long as he does not directly threaten any toy that Hakan is using, or violate his personal space.

Carver is getting used to his glasses quickly, and so are we. He and Avey are getting along better most days, sometimes excluding Hakan from their games (but he’s been such a pill that it’s kind of his fault). He’s excited for when it’s warm enough to splash around in the water outside.

Avey’s counting down the days until she’s out of school, and we are all counting down the days until my sister comes to visit. In the meantime, we are all enjoying our gorgeous weather!

#Happenings #LittleGems

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