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Quite possibly the best birthday ever! Avey decided that to celebrate she wanted to go swimming. We didn’t think this would be much of a problem because, hey, we live in Texas. However, our limited experience in Texas has involved mostly temperatures up to and including 103 degrees. The day we chose to swim it was a balmy 83 or so, and the pool water was freezing! Luckily my 12-year-old cousin came along and was able to put lots of energy into Avey’s games while Kira and I moaned and groaned and shivered. 

She is thrilled with all of her generous gifts! Here are a few highlights we got on video (we didn’t record all of them):

As one might imagine, she requested a chocolate cake with green frosting. As I was coloring the frosting to get it the right shade, she told me to stop at a very light, mint color. I’m not sure the picture does it justice, but it looked more like key lime pie filling. Tasted great though, thanks to Pillsbury

She was also pleased to receive a Rapunzel costume, so that she can be a more authentic version of her latest obsession. Later while she was playing she gasped and turned to me, “Daddy! I don’t have a Pascal toy to help me be Rapunzel!” We found a stand-in and she could continue her fantasy.

Probably what she loved the most was the love and affection from her relatives. Thank you for the cards and notes. She is so glad to have you in her life!

Now let’s hope this next year is longer than the last…

#Happenings #LittleGems

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