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Spooky Week

The week started out pretty typical (meaning busy beyond belief), and then Wednesday night we were hit with the first big snow storm of the season. This was met with mixed reactions. On the positive side, my morning class on Thursday was cancelled, giving me a few extra hours to study for the GRE on Friday (I finally decided to retake it, again). I stupidly braved the roads, but got to campus in one piece. Around noon, I discovered through email that my afternoon class was also cancelled, meaning I had the rest of the day to continue my much needed study!

It turned out being a real blessing because Friday the test came and went, and I came out with much higher scores than the first two times!

Saturday was a blast for Avey again – she got to dress up and go to another party! Here she is in a hybrid of her own and Daddy’s costumes:

She will greatly miss the Halloween holiday. She has all these new toys to enjoy! She has been all about the plastic jack-o-lantern buckets, the green kitchen towel with a witch on it, and this annoying little cackling witch doll:

Me? I’m counting down the days to pie. Er, um, Thanksgiving. That’s what it’s called.


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