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Spring Break!

Woo HOO! It was Spring Break this week. Two problems with that, though; it wasn’t exactly Spring, and it wasn’t exactly a break.

Let’s begin with the break. I am one of those types who feels guilty and can’t sleep at night if there is some assignment looming over my head and I’m not working on it right that second. I have never had the need for a day planner, because as soon as something is assigned to me it won’t leave me alone for a second until it’s turned in. So on Monday I decided to go to campus and spend the day working on some assignments that will soon be due. The day was lost to statistics and recruitment for research, but the evening was pretty good celebrating my dad’s birthday with family. 

Tuesday we had planned on getting stuff done that was long overdue here at the house. I thought I could get the oil changed pretty quick and the whole thing ended up taking about two hours (that’s for another post). So Kira and I didn’t get started on sorting and storing Avey’s old clothes until late and it ended up being a huge project, but did we really think it would be anything but? It lingered into Wednesday.

I did manage to go shooting with my siblings and dad Wednesday afternoon, so I can’t say the whole day was work even though we were planning on having the whole day to play.

Now onto why it wasn’t Spring; Thursday rolled around and Kira had to cancel all of her appointments for work because of a huge blizzard that greeted us. By about noon, we were all stuck inside. 

Friday was a work day for Kira, so Avey and I got some great Daddy-Daughter time, as you can see in the video above. Kira and I did get a date that evening, leaving my little sis’ to comfort Avey when she woke up. 

So I guess the whole week wasn’t lost. It was more of a break than school, but less of a break than sleep. Ahh… sleep. I guess that’s what I was hoping to get more of over the “break”. I think the concept has become foreign to both Kira and me. 

Maybe next year…


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