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Spring Foreword

We finally enjoyed some warmer weather on Saturday, so we’re anxiously awaiting better conditions for outside play. We practically got drunk on it yesterday: I took the boys on a walk, they ate a picnic in our back yard, we went to a park, and I did some outside projects. 

The older two start their spring break this week, so they are looking forward to some relaxing and enjoyable times. I have a normal work week, but maybe I can work half days on Monday and Friday and join in on some of the fun. 

Avey was disappointed to learn that during band signups, the percussion slots got filled up before she had a chance to join. There is still room for other instruments, but she’s decided that she will just wait for next year rather than keep with flute or try something else. She’s still doing orchestra and choir, and even played a solo in front of the class for which she was invited to a 2-week summer camp for orchestra. She was offered a scholarship, but isn’t terribly interested this time, especially as we’re hoping to get a dog this summer to occupy her time. 

Merritt has been growing up. Aside from his self-weening from the binky, he’s also reserved his comfort blanket (one of Kira’s old shirts) for just bed time. He’s also showing a lot more awareness around potty stuff, as he’ll often hide to fill his diaper, and even deny that he did it (like he’s embarrassed). Hopefully he’ll be ready to potty train soon. He’s constantly entertaining us with his antics, and driving us bananas with his need for everything to be just so. For example, after getting him out of bed in the morning, he absolutely has to have the adult who got him walk down the stairs on the left side while he is on the right, and within a few feet of the adult. If we try to go down on the right side, or too far in front of him, he will flip out and demand that we start the whole thing over again to do it “right.”

Hakan, who used to be the perfectionist, has come a long way in that regard. Although there are many things he still must have his way, he’s become more pleasant about it. He often likes to clean up an entire room, and one of his favorite things is to make Kira’s and my bed. He can be very pleasant at times. One day this week, he and Hannah were talking about how moms tend to like to chat with people and socialize when their kids are ready to go, and he put his hand on her shoulder and said, “I’m sorry.” He also complimented her on an outfit, “You look good in that shirt!” He’s going to be a hit with the ladies.

Carver continues to impress in school. He shows little interest in anything that isn’t on a screen at home, though. I wonder sometimes if it’s just not stimulating enough to do anything else. He really thrives on interaction. At the park on Saturday, there were probably another 10 kids there. Before too long, Carver had them all organized, playing a variation on “tag.” His younger brothers constantly battle for his attention.

Avey’s school had a week of themes, including a “nerd day,” where she dressed up like a stereotypical nerd, and she enjoyed “crazy hair” day, too:

I’m halfway through my semester now, and it feels like it’s gone by quickly. It’s been nice having one of the courses all online. I am getting set to have more undergraduates working on projects over the summer, and trying to figure out a good balance for getting household projects done while still getting all of my day job stuff ready.

Kira is planning a trip with her mother to Hawaii to visit her sister. That will be in the early summer, so I am mentally preparing for some good activities with the kids. 

Hannah’s been busy in between entertaining and being entertained by the boys. She also spends a couple of evenings with the singles in the area, usually attending institute and then a game night. She also spent the morning on a temple trip to Chicago on Saturday.

We are excited to keep finding more pleasant days to spend outside, and hope that they’re not too muddy. We’ll let you know what trouble we get into this week…


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