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Spring Work

My spring break is quickly fizzling out. I worked through most of it, getting caught up with things, and trying to get a little ahead because this coming week I head out to a conference for a few days to give a talk and try to get used to a new bed. I sort of took Monday off because the oldest boys had dental appointments, and I stayed home with Merritt. 

Kira got a new client scheduled for tomorrow, and has been focusing a lot of her energy on getting Merritt’s sleep under control. He’s been sleeping in his car seat for naps and nearly all of the night, because for a time we found that car rides were the only way to get him to sleep. Then we tried manually rocking him in the car seat. That works pretty well, but it’s getting very old very fast, as he and the car seat together make a very heavy object. 

We thought we’d try transitioning him to his bed for night sleep at least, and figured this week would probably be a good one for that. He’s been doing quite well, so we hope that this continues to improve. He seems to be teething, as indicated by his chewing on everything he can fit in his mouth, but there are still no detectable chompers yet. 

He’s officially taken steps on his own. He’s taken one at a time here and there, but a few days ago he took three full steps…toward the television. I suppose the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He stood up for about a full minute yesterday as he was keeping his eye on a babysitter (while Kira and I went out for a brief date). He walks along walls and furniture like a pro, so he’ll be strutting around like a peacock in the next couple of weeks, it seems.

Avey has been in a creative mood lately. She got a bee in her bonnet about making some homemade silly putty, so she made a batch that worked, and then followed up with several batches of different colors, all named after Star Wars elements. For example, there’s Tatooine Sunset Orange, Sith Lord Red, Tatooine Sand Yellow, Degobah Green, Jedi Blue, and Deep Space Purple. 

Carver has been relishing in his 5-year-oldness. He is a little bit braver, and a little more confident, attributing all of his skills to “being five.” He still has not grown any more open to trying fruit, but maybe he’ll grow into that when he’s six.

The boys all had haircuts this week, and this was the first major makeover for Merritt. I think he looks sharp, but it still catches us by surprise each time we look at him.

There’s supposed to be a snow storm moving into our area tonight, which is strange because we went so much of this winter without snow. We’ve loved the sunshine, though, and can’t wait for spring!


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