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Yesterday, Kira and I celebrated our ninth anniversary. Unfortunately, I exaggerate when I use the word “celebrate,” because I spent most of the day traveling, and we both are recovering from a cold that Carver passed on. 

I was in Utah for a very brief trip to see my only sister graduate from college. It was nice to see the family, and visit the campus again since I graduated. I only wish that I had slept better my first night there, and had more time to visit some more old friends. We figured out that we’d save money if I drove to Albuquerque and flew the rest of the way from there, but in hindsight, I’m not sure it was worth the hassle. The drive up was not too bad, but my 4-hour drive home was awful. As soon as I stepped into my truck, I was facing a strong headwind the entire way home. 

Luckily, the children were mostly well-behaved in my absence. I got to see them just before bedtime, and they slept well.

Carver has been doing well with his new bed. The second night we made the mistake of putting both children to bed at the same time. They chit-chatted and Avey kept climbing out for any reason she could muster. We quickly learned to go back to our original plan and put Carver to bed first while we read to Avey in the living room. Once he’s out, she can sneak in and quietly fall asleep.

The baby’s head is down, and we are panicking a little to come up with a fitting name. This will be a very busy summer!


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