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Early in the week a classmate handed me a stress ball – a ball that you squeeze to relieve stress. It had a little face on it, so I thought Avey might enjoy it. I gave it to her when I got home and explained its purpose. Avey’s face lit up as she took it from my hand and began to squeeze. She exclaimed, “This [stress ball] will be perfect for me pretending to be a mom – like I’m stressed!”

Kira tries not to be so transparent, but I guess it leaks out sometimes. Perhaps more telling of our family dynamics is that Avey then proceeded to chuck the stress ball at me from across the room – apparently a preferred method for her to relieve stress.

Avey had the best day of her life this week too. No, I’m not referring to her birthday celebration – I’m talking about when the Border Patrol came to her preschool and gave a presentation with a robot! It was also the day she shared cupcakes with her classmates, but in describing the course of her day, the robot got nearly all of the attention, while the cupcakes got merely a word or two.

Avey was thrilled with all of her presents and cards. The theme of the day was Halloween; she requested several presents surrounding scary things, and requested to see the movie Hotel Transylvania with a few friends. She spent most of the afternoon building a foam haunted house Kira had bought in a kit.

She wasn’t all spooks and fright though. She requested a “rainbow” cake this year, and insisted that she help decorate. She’s been slowly leaning away from pure green as her favorite color, and more toward “rainbow colors, turquoise, and pink”. She still loves green, hence the large “5” on her cake, but she and green seem to have agreed to see other people for the time being.

It was a successful birthday, thanks to all the friends and family who helped to make it so. Avey is strutting around in her new dress from her Nana, has been reading books from her great auntie, has worked tirelessly on craft items from Grandma and Papa, loves the movie from her aunt and uncles, and so much more from everyone else. We only wish we could be with everyone to celebrate, but perhaps with the coming holiday season we will. 

Always more to come…

#Happenings #LittleGems

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