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Both of our children made great progress this week toward what they love. Carver, always focused on his tummy, attempted the fine art of feeding oneself:

It’s funny to watch him work out the subtle muscle movements of picking up a small bit of food and then navigating it to his mouth. He knows it’s somewhere below his eyes, but that’s about it. Of course, I can’t really blame him for having trouble – Goodness knows I’ve had my share of spills! 

Avey has also made strides with her reading this last week. Our 8-year-old neighbor has been beyond generous with giving Avey toys and such that she no longer needs, and after we returned home from Christmas break, she brought Avey a large box full of books. The books are all part of a series that is at the perfect level for Avey’s reading. Each night she will pull us onto the couch and read a whole book by herself, with minimal guidance. She’s figured out words like “unicorn” and “kangaroo” (it helps to look at the pictures), and is growing more confident with each page.

I have one more week until school is back in session. I’m torn between trying to enjoy my time off and trying to make use of the time preparing for the semester. I’m narrowing my dissertation ideas at least, and hope to propose it this semester.


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