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Thanks for All the Laughs, 2015

We had a wonderful and busy week preparing for and taking our trip to Oklahoma. Kira’s brother recently moved there with his family, and it was the closest place we could meet up with her side of the family. After hosting our unexpected guest last Sunday, and with word that there was an illness going around with the Oklahoma relations, we opted to delay the drive for a day. That allowed for much smoother prep time but then we spent the first half of the drive in a heavy rain storm. 

We made pretty good time, and it was great to be with more children for Christmas. The kids had a grand time with their cousins, and their brand new baby helped us get an idea of how we will handle our next bundle of joy. Hakan was very gentle and interested, as we had hoped. 

We adults did not get much time together to chat and relax, but at least the kids will have fun memories of their cousins. Carver got along swimmingly with his cousin about the same age. Avey was the oldest, so was a bit bored with some of their games, but she led them on “spying” adventures.

The kids loved their Christmas gifts, and even made some thoughtful ones for each other and us. Avey spent a lot of time on a beautiful Christmas card for us, gave Hakan a coupon good for 20 minutes of playing with her (easily one of his top 3 favorite things ever), and even tried to get along with Carver for a few minutes (a gift for everyone). 

We are driving home as I write this, and it has been raining nonstop for the last 6 hours. It’s dreary, but at least the roads are not icy. 

We are excited for another eventful year full of all the craziness we’ve come to expect. We hope yours is full of joy!


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