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What a wonderful holiday to spend with family! We had a great time running around town and gorging on anything that was edible. It really whetted our appetites for holiday and home though, so now we’re counting down the days until Christmas.

Avey was quite the character during the big meal. She didn’t want to try any of the fancy foods, so we practically had to force feed her. She was quite impressed with the centerpiece and the large table. She announced to everybody during the meal that we could pass something all the way around the table, so she picked out a plastic green pepper from the centerpiece and passed it counter clockwise, calling on each diner to tell us all what he or she was thankful for. It was spontaneous and cute, and may have sparked a new tradition of the “Thanksgiving Pepper”.

The unfortunate news is that we are now in the final semester stretch for me, meaning finals! What this also means is that most of the students in the statistics class (for which I am a teaching assistant) are beginning to realize that they have not understood anything from Day One and their only chance at passing the class is to finally start coming to my office hours. So my week is booked with homework and tutoring appointments. Yippee.

Luckily, we have a lot to be thankful for as always.


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