• Elijah Ricks

Thanksgiving ’12

We had a lovely trip to Colorado! I only wish we could have stayed longer, and that I had all of my schoolwork done before we left. Unfortunately, now I am 5 days behind, 5 pounds heavier, severely sleep-deprived, and homesick. These all seem to go along with Thanksgiving celebrations most years.

Thanks to Carver’s enthusiasm, we left Colorado at 3:45 this morning. It was nice to have the trip over with earlier than usual, but the lack of sleep took a heavy toll on each of us. Suffice it to say that we are home safe, and we plan on sleeping very well tonight. I will leave you with one gem from the week, however. Yesterday, one of Avey’s uncles announced triumphantly that he had invested in a new external hard drive with a capacity of 3 terabytes. As we basked in the grandeur of technology, I pondered aloud about how many books could be contained within 3 terabytes of memory. We ventured some educated guesses about the libraries of text it could hold, but Avey’s response put it all in context; She stated plainly, “Well, I can hold about four [books].”  Ah, I dare say no amount of computer memory will ever be a match for the wit and humor of a 5-year-old.

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