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The Beach

Because we moved here weeks before I actually begin my job, we’ve had a lot of time on our hands. That was the plan, so that we could be sure to get all settled before the semester begins, but we’ve had to make a conscious effort to make sure that we still enjoy the summer as well. Yesterday, our big outing of the week was going to visit the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Chicago has plenty of places to get wet, and we heard about a spot that was sandy like the beaches we imagine in our heads, so we headed over. 

The weather was warm and humid. When we staked out our spot, we were aching to get into the water. Even the sand was scalding our pampered little toes. We quickly put on our sunblock, got into our swim diapers, and dashed over to the water.

The lake was like ice on our poor skin. It took me probably 15 minutes to ease in up to my waist, but after a while it was tolerable. Carver came in with me the most, getting about up to his chest into the water. The kids spent most of their time playing in the sand on the shore, and splashing as the waves came in. They enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Kira was the gutsy one, and got completely under the water. She eventually peer pressured me into getting wet up to my neck.

It was a grand time, and we are excited to go again. Little other news aside from getting a few pictures hung and learning our way around a little more. We miss and love you all!


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