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The Big Easy, and the Little Dude?

I am currently working on a government research grant. You may not find that terribly interesting, but what is especially neat is that the funding therefrom included a trip to a conference in New Orleans this last week. I promise I attended the conference, but I was also able to get away for some time in the city. 

“N’awlins” was a lot of fun, and the food was spectacular. I think I will be craving the Po’ Boy sandwiches for weeks to come. Luckily we have a Popeye’s Chicken in town, which sells the fast food version.

Everything I learned about New Orleans, I knew from Disney’s Princess and the Frog. Although the film is sorely misinformed about the number of evil voodoo men running around, it accurately portrayed the city’s beignets and gumbo [drool now freely flowing down my chin].

Even though I enjoyed my trip, I am glad to be back home with my loving family. Avey had decked out my room and much of the house with decorations and small gifts to welcome me back. Carver has been a little more clingy since I got home, and Kira may not have to go to a psychiatric hospital after all. 

The even bigger news is about our little bundle on the way. We went in for an ultrasound this morning and saw our child’s heart, brain, bladder, stomach, and so on. When it came time for the peep show, the little one was terribly shy. We tried moving Kira around all over the place, tried putting the wand at different angles, and shifted things around in there. Still, the baby kept legs crossed, and had a hand between them. Still, we are able to say with a little confidence that it is a BOY! There is still a chance for error, but we are acting under the assumption that we will have another little dude join us in late May or early June. Now we begin the search for names…


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