• Elijah Ricks

The Big Three-Oh-My

I turned 3 decades old this week. I normally do not like very big parties or much fuss about my birthday, but this year in particular I think I was trying to forget the whole thing. There’s something pretty weird about that 2 turning into a 3 on the old odometer. I’ve gone through some experiences recently that have put my age into perspective. The juveniles I interview at the probation office often have birth dates in 1995 or thereabouts. I was in High School when they were born. We spent most of yesterday purchasing a washer and dryer – something I never thought I’d spend my weekend doing when I was younger. And the really sad thing is that I was kind of excited about it. 

It’s strange how our priorities change or don’t change as we age. At the top of my list most of my life has been the obtaining of sweets, then having cool toys. Those have not really shifted at all; I always keep a nice stash of baked goods around the house, and my big present this year was a sound bar for our TV (unless you count the truck, and I count the truck).

Kira and Avey (and the rest of the family) made a very nice attempt to pass this tragic time off as a celebration. I got a lot of nice phone calls and cards, got to sleep in, got to binge on take-out from my favorite Chinese place in town, and Avey even sincerely attempted to tone down her demands for a few minutes.

One cannot help but reflect back over the years at times like this. I think of what I’ve accomplished and what I have left to do, and even though the road ahead seems too short and scary sometimes, I’m just glad that I have great people by my side to nudge me along. Let’s see if the next 30 are as good to me as the first.


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