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The Dishwasher Drag

The big news of this week involves more plumbing, which is always bad news. We received another notice from the water company that they were going to perform some improvements to the water supply lines on Friday, so we should plan for interruptions and then to boil our water again for 24 hours. Kira filled containers, but then the water never did shut off, so we figure that we were again notified when it did not actually involve our pipes. 

Worse than that, our dishwasher crapped out earlier in the week. It was running normally and then beeped, so I opened it, but the dishes still felt soapy. I tried to run it again on rinse, but I couldn’t get it to start. The lights just blinked at me. I unplugged it and tried again with the same result. I finally opened up the control panel to see if there was anything obviously out-of-place, but it all seemed fine, so I wiggled some of the connectors and adjusted a spring slightly and put it back together. Then it ran just fine. I went to bed feeling really proud of myself for having “fixed” it.

Naturally, it crapped out again the next day. I took it apart again and did the same thing, but it still wouldn’t work. I took it apart a third time to really scrutinize it and I think I have found a faulty switch that is supposed to be pressed down when the door is closed. It looks warped like the inside got too hot, and I couldn’t get the switch to decompress, so I think that’s the culprit. I ordered a new one, but it’s going to be a few days before it gets here, so now we’re doing the dishes by hand like cavemen (who probably didn’t even have dishes, if you think about it).

You may have seen in the news that our neck of the woods is getting trampled with snow this weekend. We got a good snow yesterday, and spent much of the morning clearing the driveway and making a sledding track for the kids.

It’s much colder today, and the snow is coming down right now. I have work on Tuesday, but if this weather keeps up I might get an extra day. 

There’s not much else noteworthy. The kids have Monday off, of course, but with the cold it will be difficult to find things to do that don’t involve pestering. 

Hannah has been a big help while here, as the kids adore her and she is a capable pair of hands. She’s had a couple of social events this week and had a job interview on Monday. She decided that this one was probably a little too out of her comfort zone as far as expertise and learning curve, so declined it, but we’re sure there’s something good in store for her out here.

The boys have sometimes gotten along, though it seems the planets have to perfectly align. Hakan awoke early today with a sore throat and stuffy nose, but it seems like it is the same strain that Carver had this week. Carver’s lasted maybe 3 days and never got too troublesome, so we expect Hakan’s will be short-lived also. 

I’m rather looking forward to getting back to work on Tuesday, as I do enjoy teaching. I’m glad that this semester’s schedule is much nicer than the last one. I just hope that the weather calms down.

If anyone is bored, come on over and help with our stupid dishes!


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