• Elijah Ricks

The Eternal Struggle

I suppose the title is a little misleading now, because she’s usually spot on these days. But this video is of Avey trying to feed herself a pea about a week ago.

What I find hilarious is that she misses her mouth with the pea, but the thumb is so close, so she just slides it right in. Hilarious!

So get this; I won a drawing about a year ago and got a free night at a Marriott. Of course, Avey was just a few weeks old, so it was out of the question then, and then we kept putting it off because we weren’t sure how she’d handle it if we were to leave her with somebody else for an entire night. And honestly, we took her to the hotel on our 3rd Anniversary and she did not do so well and it made the trip a bit of a hassle. Anyway, so we were down to the wire because the coupon expires on the 18th of this month. We decided to go for it and leave Avey with Kira’s parents, who were gracious enough to take a swing at it. So what happened? Let me tell you.

We fed her at their house and put her down to sleep after she’d gotten more acclimated to the room and crib. She was quiet for a few minutes, then cried off and on for several minutes. After we left, she calmed right down and fell asleep, slept about 9 hours, ate a good breakfast with Grandpa’s help, played, took a 90 minute nap, played some more, etc.

So we had a grand old time at the hotel and even slept in. We went to go get Avey, naturally expecting that she would whimper and reach for us excitedly at the sight of her loving parents who brought her into this world, and keep her fed, shower her with love and affection, and play some pretty entertaining games with her if I do say so myself. But what happened? Grandpa brings her to the garage to meet us there and she barely even glances in our direction, mostly in annoyance because we’re blocking her view of the grandparents’ dog. Well that’s a fine how-do-you-do. She didn’t even miss us!

Of course, after the excitement of seeing the dog wore off just a little, she did warm up a bit more. It’s kind of nice to know that we can leave her and she won’t be permanently damaged, but we were kind of hoping she’d have some kind of attachment to us. I guess it’s our own fault for leaving her with such awesome grandparents with such an awesome dog.

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