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The Fall Cometh

The weather took a cold turn this week, with some rainy days early in the week. That left some very bored kids inside, making for some tense moments. Luckily, the sun came out for a couple of days also, so the kids were able to get out and have some fun, though the younger two fought putting on jackets like they were handcuffs.

The three boys are still all rooming together. Carver decided that he liked the lower bunk so that he could better see the night light, and Hakan, always needing to be the dominant one, enjoys sleeping higher than anyone else in the house (so he’s on the top bunk). Even though the rooming arrangement seems somewhat settled, we were still in for a hassle as somebody woke up around 4:30 for the first few nights of the week. That’s left many of us cranky.

It’s also not helped that there’s been a mild cold working its way through the family. It’s so far just a bit of a stuffy nose, but that’s not helpful. We are hopeful that it won’t get worse before it gets better.

Friday was an unusual day. I got paid for the month a few days earlier than usual, so we arranged for Kira to go solo on our big Costco trip while I dealt the little ones.

Saturday was a big day of projects. I’ve had Hakan’s room on my list for some projects for a while now, so I finally tackled the closet, removing three of the shelves to make room for clothes to actually hang. I had quite a bit of help with that.

I’m also working on preparing the walls for some paint. That room must have belonged to the previous owners’ teenager, because the walls have about a thousand holes from thumb tacks (presumably from hanging posters). I filled the holes, and I’m planning to paint in the next few weeks.

I cleaned the garage today, finally organizing it. We have something like 130 bicycles and scooters (so it seems), taking up about half of the space, so I put them all together under a table, upon which we can put other items. I’ve also finally organized the cabinets out there so that I can find the tool I need when I need it.

Not much else big happened this week, except that we found an enormous mushroom in the forested area just behind our grassy yard. It’s called a giant puffball mushroom, and with good reason – it was almost the size of a basketball! I later learned that they are edible, but Hakan had already demolished it by then.

We’re looking forward to a fun Halloween in the next few weeks!


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