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The Gentle Art of Elimination

The reader will recall that last week I left off with the news that Carver had successfully made it through his first half day of potty training. Kira and I were most excited at his progress last Sunday, and lifted our heads from our pillows Monday morning with high expectations. To our dismay, despite Carver’s good mood and optimism, he had accident after accident throughout Monday. He finally found the potty in time just a little before bedtime, giving us cause to celebrate indeed, and perhaps renewing his resolve. After getting him to sleep, Kira and I were nervous about the rest of the week; we were unsure whether we could abide these constant messes and interruptions, especially with our explorer-in-the-making, Hakan, wandering about. 

We were thrilled when Carver’s Tuesday was 100% accident-free! He was on top of it from first thing in the morning. Wednesday was just as successful, and by the end of Thursday it seemed that our diaper days were long since passed. Carver would go potty without us even knowing it was time. He would run in to report, and then help to tidy up.

As of this moment, he’s had only one accident since Monday! He really proved he had it down on Friday, when the fates decided to put him to the test. Kira decided to take the two older kids for a little day trip to see the Indianapolis LDS Temple. It was about a 3-hour drive there, but they hit traffic on the way back, apparently due to some construction that had shut down a lot of the highway. The 3-hour trip turned into 5 hours on their way home. Fortunately, Carver managed to stay dry through each of the long parts of the trip. 

We are officially in the maintenance stage of his training. We need to get him focusing on night time now, but we are confident that he can get that mastered soon. He is a motivated boy!


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