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The Great Thawing

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

[I added a photo of Hakan's valentine to Kira to last week's post, so check it out!]

We've been thrilled this week to get into above-freezing temperatures, so that the mountains of snow under which we were buried are now just getting everything muddy and wet.

I got a new phone that came on Friday, and in the process of transferring the data from my old phone to the new one, I lost all of my notes from the week. So please excuse me if I leave out some of the details.

It was a pretty standard week of lots of work for Kira and me, and trying to keep up with all of our obligations. The warmer temperatures slowly chipped away at all of the snow, and I was glad to see it melt from the roof without any notable damage to the gutters and shingles, although I may need to get a closer look to be sure. It made for a lot of fun for the boys to get out in the warmer temperatures while there was still snow. It was all very wet, of course, and so with each trek outside, the boys would come in drenched to the core, and often muddy. It's been part of the routine to have the box fan blowing on their soaked snow gear through the night so that it will be usable the next day.

Hakan in a Bush

Our snow cave now reduced to just a small hill of snow, and we can see large patches of grass greedily soaking up the sunshine. It's got me in a mood for Spring, and I'm sort of excited to get to mow the lawn again, just to not have to shovel snow anymore.

With the improved weather, I took Apollo on several walks this week, and also took him and the boys to a few parks after school. On Tuesday, we went to Hakan's school playground, and he had hoped there might be other school chums there. He was disappointed to find that nobody else was there, but he and Merritt played for a while and Apollo explored. Hakan then asked if we could go to a different park to see if there were kids there, so we tried it, still with no luck. At that new park, the boys spent 100% of their time going down the big slide, because they discovered that if they toss snow down it first, it creates a little coating of slick water, and then their slippery coats and snow pants reduce the friction, allowing dangerous speeds:

On the way home, we thought we'd try out a car wash. Hakan was really excited to go through one, and the car was filthy after driving through snow for so long. Merritt got scared because of the dark and the noise, but Hakan had a blast and wanted to do it again.

We went back to the same park on Wednesday, this time picking up Hannah to come along. Once again, the boys spent all of their time trying to break an arm going down the slide, without success (thankfully). We went to the same park yet again on Friday, bringing Carver along that time.

Apollo Guards His Precious

Thursday was the city for me, again, and Kira was on her own at home. We both survived the day again, thankful that I'm not supposed to teach evening classes every semester.

Friday I had some interviews scheduled with prospective doctoral students, but I was glad to have the first one cancel. The second one was easy, and then I went for a Walmart run. We've been shopping for Carver's upcoming birthday this week, and so we found the item he wanted at a Walmart in a town we don't often visit. We also ordered another item in the same transaction, thinking we could use that rock to kill two birds. Walmart outsmarted us when they canceled one of the items that they suddenly couldn't find in stock, so then we still had to make the trip to pick up the other item. Anyway, later I found the item at our usual Walmart, so I ordered it and then Kira picked it up the next day while she was in the area. I took the kids to the park that afternoon, like I said, and then in the evening, Kira and Hannah went to Avey's show.

Avey spent extra time at drama club this week, because her show opened on Friday night. Right after school each day, she would go straight to drama, and then we'd pick her up at 6. Hannah was nice and offered to pick her up on Monday.

In any case, Hannah and Kira went to opening night, and then took her for some ice cream afterward, while I got the boys fed and in bed.

Saturday morning, Kira got ready and then left to attend a baptism and run several other errands. While she was gone, I got the boys bathed, cut Carver's hair, and Avey and I put up her LED lights in her room that she got for Christmas. We would have put them up earlier, but it turned out they were rather harsh without some covers, so we took some time to measure and order the right covers. Anyway, we're quite satisfied with how they turned out, although we are now waiting for some connectors so that we can finish off the length of a wall.

While I was up on the stepstool, I slipped off and scraped my shin along the handle on the step of the stool. It hurt a lot and swelled up later in the day, but at least it went down just as quickly. The pain is much less today, thankfully.

A little after Kira got home, we all left to see Avey's afternoon show. Kira dropped Avey and me off, so I reserved our seats and waited, while Kira took the boys to blow off some steam at the park nearby. Carver didn't realize they were going to the park, apparently, and so he wore his normal shoes, getting thoroughly soaked. He took them off during the show so that his feet could dry out.

It was fun to see the final product of the play, and of course Avey was easily the best one up there. She played a sophisticated shark in one scene, and then a pirate in the next (it's a pretty random play).

Avey Shark, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Do

We left her at the school for her evening show, and went to get some dinner at Wendy's. Merritt in the car said he did not want a cheeseburger, and instead wanted nuggets. Of course, once we got home and I gave him the nuggets, he said he wanted a cheeseburger. There's no winning with this guy. He agreed to eat chicken nuggets that we had at home, so I ate the ones from the restaurant.

I went to pick up Avey from her evening show, and she said the cast were going to Culver's for a little celebration, so I stayed in the car while she went in. She had a good time, although it's going to be weird not needing to stay after school for the rest of the year. This has taken up so much of her time, it's going to be a bit of an adjustment finding a new routine.

Today is stake conference, so we got to sleep in and stay in pajamas. It's raining, so the prospect of a park seems pretty low for now. But hey, as long as it's above freezing, I'll take it!

The big plan for this week is Carver's birthday celebration. We've got a sleepover in the works, so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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