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The Imitation Game

…but not referring to the movie

Hakan has not eased up at all in his attempts to be somebody else. If anything, he may have doubled down in trying to be a little Carver. For a couple of days now, he has completely refused to wear any of his own clothes, insisting instead on wearing Carver’s clothes and pajamas. He looks like a shrunken toddler inside the shorts and shirts that are two sizes too big. His shorts slip down to his ankles regularly, but he only makes some joke about seeing his underwear [sic] and then goes right back to following Carver around. 

Hakan simply will not leave Carver alone, either. He is persistent in spending virtually all of his time with Carver, so much so that he braved another shower this week so that he wouldn’t have to leave his older brother’s side. 

Carver has taken it all in stride so far. He has been angelically patient with his little brother in tow, and has used this development for some wonderful teaching moments. For example, Hakan was long overdue for a haircut this week. Hakan hates haircuts. He loathes them. I think it’s fair to say that they are even traumatic for him. Carver stayed by his side to encourage him, but when the little guy still refused to let me touch his hair, Carver even offered to demonstrate by getting a haircut himself, showing how it didn’t hurt at all. Then Carver stayed right by his side, covered in hair, as Hakan agonized his way through, then they shared the shower. 

Carver even offered to stay in his bed to try to encourage Hakan to take a nap, when Hakan just couldn’t be torn from his big brother’s side. It didn’t work out too well, but we were so impressed at his willingness. We hope that their mentor/mentee relationship lasts through their teenage years (at least, we think we hope).

After our illnesses last week, we boys are just nursing runny noses this week. The girls never did get it, thankfully (and suspiciously). School starts up tomorrow, reminding us just how little we’ve accomplished this summer!

#Happenings #LittleGems

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