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The Little Things

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Monday began with a rough start as Avey was up until midnight the night before, struggling with her cold symptoms. She finally got all medicated up so that she could sleep, and we let her stay home from school to try and sleep as much as possible. I had a meeting in Chicago for a new committee I’ve joined, so I figured I should be there in person, but it looks like in the future I can join by phone or video conference pretty easily. 

Tuesday was typical in most ways, except that Hannah used her day off of work to go to the beach by herself. The forecast was sunny and warm, but she said that the water was a little too cold for comfort. I suppose that’s the drawback to having so many days in the 70s. It’s been a bizarre summer for us with so few hot days and very little rain, but I was thrilled to have two very solid downpours this week, helping my new grass to grow and finally making the lawn look green again. I mowed on Wednesday in between the storms.

I can’t think of many big events, but there were a few memorable highlights. One day, Hakan got it in his head that he would make a tiny bag and put a few pieces of cheese in it, and give it to Avey. So, Hannah and he crafted the tiny baggie, and he put in a few morsels of cheese, and presented it to Avey, who had a good response before we all laughed about it later. 

Hakan just loves working on little projects, which is probably why he loves doing homework so much. He spent a lot of time and effort on a homework project this week, where he was supposed to draw something about a book he read. I found him at the kids’ red table, very carefully crafting every line and choosing his colors with precision, having a grand time.

Hannah and I did the Costco run on Friday, and we came home with this banana box, which has fascinated Apollo for some reason. He has been slowly working on picking at it to take it apart, and I was quite tickled that the box looks like it has a worried face on it:

Merritt has still been quite the terror at night, staying up later than his brothers, and refusing to let anyone put him to bed other than Kira. We wonder if he’s getting sick after this morning, because he barricaded himself in the bathroom downstairs and absolutely refused to come out or let anyone help him wash his hands unless it was Kira, who was busy trying to get herself ready for church. He’s a kid who knows what he wants.

Kira spoke in church today, and said that it went well. She even had to cut a few things out for time’s sake, but is glad to have it past her. She’s been dealing with Avey’s cold for a few days, but luckily, the rest of us don’t seem to have caught it yet. Kira’s also been busier with RS things, with people going to the hospital and otherwise reaching her with requests for things.

Avey and Hannah attended a youth event last night with hot dogs and s’mores and such at a spot not far away. It sounds like Avey had a generally good time.

We older people watched Poltergeist for Friday the 13th, all surprised that it was rated only PG back in the day. But it was nice for a bit of a scare.

Seems like there isn’t much else to report, but we’ll see what we can stir up for this week…

#Happenings #LittleGems

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