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The Long Road Home

We took a short trip up to Idaho to see my Grandma and new Grandpa (both were fairly recently widowed and got married to each other) this weekend. I was pretty amazed at how uneventful the trip up was; Avey slept and played the whole way up.

The trip would have been just about perfect had it not been for the drive home. We made a stop to eat and feed Avey, which was fine, just added a chunk to our trip. Then, about 20 miles north of Salt Lake City, traffic became horrific. We were in bumper-to-bumper rows of endless cars for almost an hour, inching along slowly while Avey slowly became sick of her car seat. In short, it was a miserable last two hours in the car and we got home that much later than we’d planned. Ugh.

The good news of the blog is that I have a job! Well, I have a job set up for graduate school. Briefly, I was not awarded a work-study stipend from the stingy government (I guess we made too much money last year or something). That meant that I would have to work for free for the next year, essentially. But I hooked up with a professor out there who has some funding. He looked over my resume and offered me 20 hours a week! That’s actually about as good as it gets for a grad student. So things are really starting to fall together.

Kira completed her application to work also and it looks like she’ll be able to work as much and often as she’d like, so between the two of us, I think we’ll be just fine.

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