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The Mind of a Child

Our kids had some pretty funny moments this week. Here are just a few.

Kira’s best friend since childhood has been going through some difficult times lately, and Kira has been helping out by keeping in touch with her. One of the problems was when a German Shepherd attacked her dog, seriously injuring it. Kira explained the whole story of the attack to me, with Avey listening close by. After the story was over, Avey thought about the incident, and wondered aloud, “Why would a shepherd do that?” 

We took a moment to explain that a German Shepherd is a breed of dog, not a person in a robe with a big curvy stick. Although there’s certainly nothing funny about the hurt dog, I can’t help but chuckle at the scene she must have seen in her mind of a man in a robe jumping out of a car through the window to repeatedly bite a dog he didn’t know. Luckily, the poor dog will recover, but not before a few more visits to the vet.

Carver, like most boys, loves toy cars. He has a set he received last Christmas with which he’s played lately, and the set includes an ambulance. He left his ambulance out on the carpet during one of his many playing binges, and Avey happened upon it. She took the liberty of testing out its features for a moment, when Carver came storming in, furious that she would dare touch his sacred property. As Avey tried to defend her actions, Carver shot back, “No! This is not a toy!”

That boy can sure be moody. In another example, Kira was attempting to feed Carver the other day, as she often does. Carver was putting up a fight, refusing to open his mouth and deflecting all attempts to entice him. Because he was fighting off hot dog, and he sometimes likes it with ketchup, I broke in with, “Carver, would you like some ketchup with your hot dog?” Carver’s demeanor changed instantly – he looked at me directly and, calm and polite as a gentleman, replied, “No, I’m just being mean to Mom.”

At least he calls it what it is.


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