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The Red Shirt

 I thought this would be worthy of documenting…

Yesterday, Avey wore a red shirt throughout the day. She got it pretty filthy, and it happened to be laundry day, so when the time came to get into her pajamas, Kira was anxious to track it down. Avey came out of her room, decked out in her sleepwear, and prepared for the night.

The Happiest Boy Alive

Kira went to retrieve the soiled items and, as usual, quickly found them on the floor in plain view… or so she thought. Avey’s pants were there, but the whereabouts of her shirt were unclear. Kira checked the obvious places, but to no avail. She checked the less-obvious places, but all in vain. She got Avey in on the hunt. She recruited me to assist. The shirt was simply nowhere to be found.

We finally gave it up, thinking that Kira had perhaps already put the shirt in with the laundry. Avey went to bed, and the night eventually turned to day. When Avey awoke, we finally discovered where her red shirt had been all that time – under her pajama top.

Mystery solved.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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