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The Sampler

I apologize for the delay in posting; last Sunday we were driving home from out of state, and I did not manage to make time to write. We had a delightful trip visiting family, and were sad to leave (I was even sadder to go back to work). Avey did amazing on the drive, and had zero potty accidents! She set a great example for me…

Now, for some scattered tidbits:

  1. Unfortunately, we came home to find that our newest betta fish, Elmo (Avey copied the name from her aunt’s betta) had died. Honestly, I wasn’t very surprised; we had adopted him about 5 days before we left, but for some reason he would not eat, no matter what food I tried. I think we may wait a bit before trying another one, much to Avey’s dismay.

  1. We also came home to find our trees blossoming, and our grass green and growing! That, in turn, meant that we purchased our first mower yesterday! Ah, the joys of playing “house…”

  1. The other day, Avey had been watching Sleeping Beauty, and shared her commentary with Kira. She said, “And she lays on the bed asleep, and she doesn’t suck her thumb because she’s an adult – she just lays there.” Interesting what things stick out to us depending on our reference point.

More to come as it happens to us…

#Happenings #LittleGems

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