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The Sky is Falling

We had quite the roller coaster of a week. The weather turned pleasantly cooler, and with it the leaves have started to fall. The kids were very excited to rake up some big piles in which they could jump, so we made that our Family Night activity. 

Unfortunately, they could not relive the fun for very long, because the city came by with their big truck and sucked our leaf piles up (a service our taxes pay for). What the truck did not get, the wind took, because we have almost no leaves in the yard now.

I’m not sure the kids would want to go out into the yard now anyway, though, because it’s absolutely soaked! Friday night came a thunderstorm the likes of which we’ve not seen. The rain was sporadic, but when it came down, it poured! It continued like that with little reprieve until early Sunday morning.

That made for a particularly dreary Saturday for at least two reasons. First, the kids were stuck indoors all day. We were able to get them out for a few errands when Kira made a rare doughnut run (“rare” referring to both the doughnuts and the run therefor), and then when I took them for groceries.

Second, we had some pretty messy flooding in the basement. Sometime Saturday morning, I went down with the kids to survey everything, and Carver was the one to discover a big pool of water on the floor. Our basement is mostly for storage, laundry, and playing, so there is no carpet and no bedrooms, thankfully. After a lot of cleanup, it was clear that the water was coming in from some leak in the basement wall. We were glad that it was not sewage backup, but with the irregularity and severity of the rain, it meant that I had to keep a close eye on the water in the basement, and I had to clean it up several times. Our landlady brought us a wet/dry vacuum, which was a big help in cleaning up the mess. Of course, the leak had to be in an area where I had to move the washer, dryer, and my desk that I keep down there. 

We are glad to be all dry now, and very happy that the forecast shows several dry days. We expect to have the leaky basement sealed up this week. 

In more heartwarming news, Merritt is exploding with his language and social skills. For example, one day this week, I was getting ready to leave for work. I put on my backpack, a sure sign of departure, and Merritt, who had been watching, looked up at me, pulled out his pacifier, and puckered his lips for a goodbye kiss. It was absolutely adorable!

Avey has been trying to help keep Merritt occupied when he is getting into things he oughtn’t, and so she often utilizes music to tame him. She found that he is especially fond of Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” because she played it for him and he started to sing along with his soprano, “WEEE woooah weee woooah…” on a descending scale.

After some quizzing during meals, I’ve gotten Merritt to also identify his nose, teeth, and hair. He’s still working on his eye – whenever I ask him where his eye is, he slowly inserts his index finger into his right nostril. That’s in the right direction, at least…

Hakan had a great conversation with Kira a few days ago. He seemed deep in thought, and then seemed to ask more than say to her, “Mom, you don’t know everything.” She admitted, “No, not everything.” Then Hakan thought for a moment and replied, “But Dad does.”

I pretend to, at least.

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