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The Spaz

Avey’s had a funny game for the last few months now. She calls it, “Turning into a Spaz,” and goes something like this: She starts giggling and laughing hysterically at everything she does, which usually includes making tooting noises and pretending to have conversations about many bodily functions. For example, as I’ve been working to get them out of the house (and, incidentally, their mother’s hair) for an hour or so each day, we often escape to the mall, as it is one of the few places that are free, air conditioned, and fun. Avey’s favorite thing to do is to find one of the photo booths and “turn into a spaz” inside it, pretending that she is taking a shower in it, but keeps getting walked in on. Carver doesn’t really seem to follow the game, but thinks all of the giggling and running about is hilarious. As long as they are not at each others’ throats, I suppose we should count ourselves lucky. 

Carver’s had a few funny games I want to document. I recently noted that he plays a game where he shoots a family member with his finger, “Pkew!” Along with that game, and sometimes when he whacks us with his foam sword, he expects a good reaction. After we feign agony at his merciless wave of destruction, he smiles and says, “It’s okay Dad. You’ll be fine.” and immediately continues to raze the remainder of the home (at least in his mind). On the one hand, I am a little concerned about the violent streak, but on the other hand, it seems pretty clear that he does not want his aggression to cause any lasting damage. 

For at least 6 months or so, Carver has had a bit of a compulsive need when he lays down to sleep at night. He says, “Dad, I want to hold something.” Then begins a hunt for something that he can hold – the more random, the better. He’s held Kira’s leather case for her old bottle of pepper spray. He’s held a little plastic cup that goes with cough medicine. He’s held a little rolling pin from Avey’s toy kitchen. What’s funny to me is that he doesn’t even really play with whatever he holds – he just holds it. He grips the little item, lays his head down on his pillow, and slowly drifts off to sleep. Granted, for a while he was cuddling up with a very small stuffed teddy bear key chain, so that’s almost normal. The last few weeks have him spooning with Avey’s kitchen toys, though, so we are slightly alarmed.

Hakan had another couple of great nights this week, and a few horrible days of fussing. We are pleased to say that, overall, the little guy is getting better. We’re sure excited to see what funny things he comes up with over the next several years.

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