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The System Works

…and the “girls” have it! Yes, that’s right, it’s a GIRL! We had the ultrasound at 2pm today, and know for sure. We didn’t realize that democracy also works for choosing the sex, but here is the living proof. The pictures are just scanned, so not the highest quality, but you get the idea.

We had a nice mix of responses for the poll, the “girls” just beating the “boys” by two votes. The reasons behind the votes were pretty interesting, including the trouble we’re having finding names for boys, family history, our personalities and what they would fit, and so on. We actually had one vote for “a cute tiny kitty” by a two-year-old nephew. Although that would be nice too, we’re both much more pleased with a human girl (though she is pretty tiny).

My dad had worked out the odds in our family based on history and found that the odds were 80% in favor of a boy. Well, looks like we’ve beaten the odds! You could also consider this a manifestation of Murphy’s Law, because now we have almost no source for hand-me-downs.

Above is the proof. You can kind of see the structure of the pelvic bones and the femurs protruding down and to the left. Those two teeny white lines to which the arrow is pointing are the labia. If it were a boy, there would be a single, much bigger white line right in the middle (sorry if anyone’s grossed out by this).

And here is her hand with digits 1 through 5, beginning with the pinky. She was wiggling around quite a bit while the guy was trying to get good shots of different parts. She’s a lively little one! And she’s very shy; we didn’t get a very good shot of the face because she kept twisting away. We got a very clear view of the profile and she’s beautiful! We are now getting very excited to start looking at little pink dresses, etc. Oh, and I suppose I should actually reveal her name; she is Avey Elaine Ricks. Avey is Kira’s grandmother’s name, and Elaine is my grandmother’s name. We’ve had that name picked out for about a year and a half, and we can officially use it now!

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