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They Grow Up So Fast

Big news all around this week. First off, I want to send out a really big “Woo Woo!” to my brother-in-law who is officially engaged as of last night! I can’t believe how old that makes me feel and I remember just a few years ago when you were way too young for this kind of thing. Wild…

In other news, Avey finally took off with her walking! It’s the oddest thing, too; she started it just tonight. We were at a family dinner and afterwards were all sitting around in the living room and she started making her way across the room from Momma to Daddy to show us toys. She was taking 8 and 10 steps at a time, and when she started to lose her balance, would just slow down and catch herself. I think she’s finally built up the courage to walk! Funny how that kind of thing finally clicked for her. We’ll have to get it on video for another post (she’s in bed right now).

The Princess seems to be in the Renaissance stage of infancy right now. (1) She’s picking up new words all the time: the other day I went in to get her from a nap and she said “poop”. Sure enough, she reeked like a banshee. (2) She’s found Jesus: Kira and I were kneeling for a morning prayer, and Avey came over and leaned up against a chair and folded her hands to join in. Now she folds her arms during prayers, at least for a few seconds. (3) She almost overnight switched to big-person foods. She doesn’t want anything we give her with a spoon anymore. She wants things she can pick up with her own little fingers. And my little carnivore is all about meat. She tried one of Kira’s healthy hot dogs the other day and never looked back. She wants canned chicken, roast, and turkey at every meal.

Before we know it, she’ll have cracked all my passwords, hacked into my bank account, and hot wired my car. Somebody’s got to nail that girl’s shoes to the floor.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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