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The kiddos were thrilled to have the week off of school, and made the most of it by doing nothing, fighting with each other, and even visiting some cousins who came to Indiana. Kira did her best to get the munchkins out of the house as much as possible, but the weather has been cold and windy most of the week, so it has been a challenge. She got the kids to a restaurant one night, and even took Avey into the city to visit Kira’s brother (in town for a training). They colored eggs on Saturday.

I spent the first half of my week down with a cold. I still have symptoms, but I’m slowly getting better. This has been an odd one in that my energy is especially affected. I’m even more tired than normal. On top of that, I’ve had an unusual number of meetings this week. It seems that every day was filled to the brim with meetings. One of them was the dissertation defense for my first doctoral student, who passed with flying colors on Wednesday. She’s thrilled to be done, and I’m very pleased to have been a part of the project.

The other meetings were mostly with students wanting help with assignments, or looking for someone to supervise them during the summer as they do research projects. The University has a new program that grants funds for qualified students to boost their research experience so that they can more easily get into graduate school. Apparently, I’m too popular, because this week I had the sixth one ask me to be their faculty advisor. I don’t mind it, but it’s going to be a very busy summer with all of that going on on top of the two courses I’m scheduled to teach, and we’re trying to move (staying at same job, though).

Thursday was a very disappointing day for me. I nearly got run over while I was biking to the train station, spent my very long day in the city, and came home on the train after my evening class. When I got to the station, I found that my bicycle had disappeared. I can only guess that some thief waited until after dark and then took one of the bikes left, of which mine was one. I filed a police report the next day, but I doubt anything will come of it. I’m glad it was not an expensive bike, but I’m deeply offended that someone thought they could just take what is mine. 

Kira’s friend from college flew back into the states this week after her plane was delayed, causing her to miss another flight and get in later than planned. It was actually better for our schedule with naps, though. The boys had been asking when she would come back for the whole time she was gone, so it was good for them that she came back, though probably a bit much for her after the long trip.

Carver’s getting braver and better with his reading every day. Merritt is also trying out new words a bit more. He’s lately saying a full “yes” instead of “yeah.” He also regularly refers to his bottom as “poop.” We’ve trained him to go down the stairs by sliding on his bottom, so he makes a very animated display to ensure us he remembers, by bending down, slapping his bottom, and saying “poop” over and over before finally going down the stairs.

Hakan is getting along better with Merritt most days. They have organized a new game of pretending to sleep in our bed, and then bouncing around and falling down. I don’t quite follow the rules except that you are supposed to laugh a lot and be very loud. Still, we’re glad that they sometimes can be friends.

Avey is still doing well practicing her instruments, and tries to help out managing the boys when she’s not too grumpy. She is into searching cute cat memes on the web, and then trying to explain them to Carver. She’s keeping her hamster alive and comfortable, and frankly not looking forward to returning to school on Tuesday (Monday is a day off for some reason). She’ll probably survive, though.

Have a great week, and don’t get April fooled!


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