• Elijah Ricks

…thus Eli and Kira begat Avey

The prognosis is very good; the biggest worry we had was her breathing rate- she was breathing twice what she should have. After another test, they found that her body was discarding the carbon dioxide at an equal rate, so toxicity was not an issue, but she would need to be on antibiotics for at least seven days.

That doesn’t mean that she’ll necessarily be in the hospital for that long, but we’ll have to have someone come to our apartment periodically if she’s discharged before that.

Kira is doing very well under the circumstances. She did let the emotion of it all sink in about an hour after it was all over, and we’ll probably still feel the surprise and drama of the day for a long time to come, but her spirits are high and she is anxious to get healed and begin this new chapter of her life.

I am all but overcome with awe and the most humbling feelings I’ve ever known. The moment I saw her head emerge and her face twitching, I knew I would do absolutely anything for her.

I’m off to bed now, but more updates are forthcoming, along with better pictures when we can actually hold her again.

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