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Things are busy as ever here, but we’ve managed to squeeze in some fun where we could. We live just a block south of a township called La Grange, and they held their annual Christmas event downtown. It’s meant to be a boon to the local businesses, so they draw out crowds all over with trolley rides, a little train for the kids, pony rides, and even a little petting zoo.

The weather was unseasonably warm (we still have had no snow worth mentioning), so it made for a pleasant evening. We skipped Santa’s appearance, which turned out to be the right choice, because we got to do all of the best stuff with shorter lines. 

It was especially nice to get away from the normal nonsense around the house. A toxic combination of head colds and Merritt’s curiosity have made for a trying time lately. Nearly all of us have gone through the cold symptoms, which have been bearable, but frustrating. Merritt may have had it the worst, after a few rough nights. It may also be something about his molars working their way through. In either case, this has to stop. One night early this week, he awoke around 2 a.m., and never settled back down. I gave up and just got up with him at 3, thinking maybe he was hungry. He ate a little, but mostly just wanted to play. Kira traded me around 7:30, when I went back to bed and she got the kids off to school. Still, I feel like I haven’t really recovered. Maybe he hasn’t either, because this morning he oddly slept in more than an hour.

He has been into everything this week. His new favorite thing is to climb onto our kitchen table, and then to explore things up there before throwing them off. Last night, he found a fun way to dismount, as you can see in the video:

He also thoroughly enjoys his ability to open the refrigerator: he will get it open and then play with everything he can reach in there, sometimes emptying it a few bottles at a time. To top it all off, he demands music almost all day. He seems to want specific songs to play, but lacks the language skills, so he just screams at us until we find what he wants to hear. 

At least he is learning a few things while he’s making more work for us. Our oven is built in such a way that the broiler door is easily reachable for him. He usually leaves it alone, but when we turn on the oven, he can hear the gas burning inside, so he likes to open it to watch the pretty orange flame. He seems to understand the danger, because he has touched it only once (which was mostly an accident) with just a little pain. He still likes to open it, though. This week, he may have finally learned how to deal with the heat, though; he got into a kitchen drawer where I keep the oven mitt. He pulled it out, put it on, and then opened the oven door to watch the flame. 

The kids are all excited for Christmas, and I’ve got almost all of my shopping done. Now, we just need some snow!

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