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Avey constantly surprises us. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes that’s a bad thing, and sometimes that’s an hilarious thing! The other night at dinner, for example, Kira noticed a little scratch on Avey’s wrist. She, being the conscientious mother that she is, closely inspected it and inquired as to the cause by asking, “Where did you get a scratch?” Avey, apparently feeling that her parents were getting senile, pointed to the scratch on her wrist and answered, “Right here.”

Also this week, Avey and I went to visit my mother. Avey saw a candle on the stove and asked if we could light it. She has blown them out before, and enjoyed it, so I indulged her and we lit the candle. She then said, “Should we sing a song?” Nana and I agreed, so we let Avey decide what we should sing. She began singing Happy Birthday, and chose her own name for the celebrated. After the song, she blew out the candle and suggested, in her sweetest voice, “Should we have cake?”

She thinks like I do.

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