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Too Much Fun

Our financial institution loves us. Just to show us their appreciation (and promote the grand opening of their new building), they had a big party on Saturday. We received an invitation in the mail a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t really sound terribly appealing, but Avey and I were home alone for several hours and it was a lovely day, so we decided to attend. It ended up being much bigger than I expected! Avey got a balloon animal – a tiger jumping through a ring of fire – and a little spray-on tattoo of a flower. She and I also sat and ate popcorn, hot dogs, and tried a snow cone!

There were four of those inflatable slides, bouncing rooms, and an obstacle course. I thought Avey would love those for sure. We went to the first slide, where she looked around for a couple of seconds before reaching for me and requesting to get down. I thought maybe it was because there were some bigger children on it. So we tried the next one – just a place to bounce. She didn’t even want to crawl through the small door to get in! So we tried the next one – another bouncy room. The entrance was bigger, so she entered, and then just sat down and sort of rocked back and forth. She didn’t even try the fourth one.

Even if I thought it was a bit odd, she insisted that it was lots of fun. I suppose that’s all that matters.

(We’re still having bizarre internet problems [we can’t upload anything], so we’ll have to save pictures for another time. Sorry)


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