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Toot Toot

You may recall that Carver displays some of the key diagnostic traits of an exhibitionist. As if that weren’t enough for us developing parents, he may also have issues with enuresis. Here is what happened: After his bath a few days ago, he did his usual routine of allowing me to dry him off for a few moments before breaking free of my grip to streak through the house. This time, he must have gotten too excited, because after a few minutes he ran to Kira with a worried look on his face. “Mom, I tooted,” he admitted. Kira smiled and inquired about this alleged toot. Carver led her to the scene of the crime, where a little puddle of urine lay. The mess was cleaned up in no time, and we came away from the experience with a funny story, and the pleasant knowledge that Carver is beginning to understand his bodily functions, and knew to tell us about it. Maybe he will be ready for potty training before Baby #3 arrives!

Our little man will be 2 years old this week – an exciting milestone and heartbreaking reminder of how time flies. We will be celebrating today at his great grandmother’s home with much pomp and circumstance. We can hardly believe how far this little guy has come in a single year, and can only hope that he remains as entertaining. In the last week or so, his latest gem is his greeting to us in the morning. We will wake to his talking or singing to himself, and when we enter to help him out of his bed, he will excitedly say, “Dad [or Mom]! You alive!” I am not sure where he picked that up, but it is lucky for him that it is so adorable. This morning, he was up at 4:30 – at that hour, he needs every ounce of cuteness he can muster.


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