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For some time it has been apparent that our little station wagon is not entirely suited for a family of four. It got us from point A to point B, but with two small children it was a bit cramped to have to squat into to put the little ones into car seats and buckle them in. Thus, it is with great pleasure that we announce our recent upgrade:

Ha ha. Just kidding. Here is the real thing:

This is the van that we’ve heretofore borrowed from my aunt and uncle whenever we’ve gone on long road trips. They made us a generous offer we could not refuse, so we sold our wagon and bought the van from them last Sunday.

Its best two features for road trips are the cruise control and the DVD player (although I suppose having four wheels is a nice perk too).

Avey, although saddened by the parting of our station wagon she has known since birth, is thrilled with the van. It feels like a new room to our home. She and Carver have made a new game of exploring the van while it is parked – trying out all of the seats, opening compartments, and pushing buttons to see what happens.

We may need to figure out a road trip before Christmas so the kids don’t go crazy.


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