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We made it to Colorado! We were both dreading our first road trip with two children, preparing for the worst combination of whining, spit, and poop that the world has ever known. We were, however, pleasantly surprised to find that Carver, like his sister, inherited the “good traveler” gene. The child slept nearly every minute that he was not eating. Stopping to nurse, eat, and gas up the car, we made a 9 hour venture in just over 12. To describe the experience as “too shabby” would be less than accurate. 

To see our faces upon arrival, you might think we were entering a foreign country. To be surrounded by green on all sides is quite the ordeal after our Texas experience. At least our little section of the Lone Star State has left us wanting as far as foliage is concerned, although we’ve seen just about every variety of the color brown since moving there. 

We do so love the company here too, and look forward to spending a lot of time with them. We’ll make it a point to take some more pictures while here. Maybe I’ll have some interesting stories to tell next week. In the meantime, tonight at dinner, Kira’s dad asked Avey if she would prefer vanilla ice cream, or vanilla ice cream turned into chocolate. She decided she would like chocolate ice cream turned into vanilla. Some clever marketing delivered what she believed to be the goods. You may not believe it, but you couldn’t even taste the chocolate. 


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