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Tribute to Eli-Father’s Day 2013

By Kira- With the help of the Primary, Avey made a gift for Eli today by filling in the blanks to the following statements: I love my dad because… “he is hilarious!” My dad likes to… “sleep.” [My] favorite thing to do with dad… “is to make jokes with him.” Therefore, according to Avey, Eli is either a one-act-show, or sleeping! I am sure Avey knows that he does MUCH more than that, such as: continues to do most of the dishes for the past 8 years, cooks half (or more) of the meals, does most of the grocery shopping, pays the bills, cleans the house and the kids regularly, plays “Mr. Mom” 2-4 times a week (better than most Mrs. Moms!), comes up with creative games or toys to entertain his children in a small apartment, listens to his children and wife, supports financially and emotionally his children and wife, brings balance to the personalities and drama of the household, intellectually stimulates all of us, and he far outshines me in his midnight bonding with Carver (except for when I was feeding Carver as a newborn).

This is, of course, not even mentioning that he works 10 hours a week, is a teacher, is a student, does research, is finalizing 2 articles for publication, is writing his proposal for his dissertation, writes a family blog EVERY week, calls his mom EVERY week, and lets his wife “download” EVERY night, to name a few. Besides all he does, what Eli is, is exactly what this family needs. We need, and are balanced out, by his humor, positive interactions with us, patience for us, his impeccable time management and punctuality, his love, support, and ever-helping hand. We love him, and would fall apart without him! Thank you for loving us, and we love you!

Affectionately, Kira, Avey and Carver

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