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Turning Three

Carver has officially circled the sun three full times. That was cause for celebration indeed! He had a grand time as the center of attention, and his great aunt made the party a grand event. We had fun earlier this week looking back at some of the videos of Carver when he was Hakan’s age. It is surprising and scary to think how far he’s come during our stay in El Paso. 

We sure love this boy! It is perhaps even more frightening and exciting to think of how quickly Hakan will be wearing Carver’s shoes and racing him down the hall. He has been training (albeit reluctantly) with his standing, and enjoys taking a few steps as long as he’s got something firm to hold onto. He’s paced the length of the couch many times.

We are glad to have Spring Break this week, although I will need to still spend as much time as I can on campus, picking away at my dissertation. Avey is most excited about the time off, as she is usually quite content to just relax at home reading, working on art projects, and playing with her younger brothers. Carver, always the adventurous one, tends to want to explore the farthest reaches of our neighborhood, as long as he has his foam sword or a stick of some sort to protect him.

We look forward to many more adventures before this guy turns 4!

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