• Elijah Ricks

Two Years!

I wanted to take a few minutes to point out that today marks two years since Kira and I were married. I can’t believe how fast it has gone by! It’s really been quite an adventure for both of us, I think. There’s been a lot of adjustment on both our parts, but mostly a lot of fun and a lot of good times. I think it’s most interesting looking back on the 25 years of my life and all the experiences I’ve had. And I think that I can now say I am beginning to understand what love is. There is no place I would rather be in my life (well, except maybe being employed), and I am so glad for what we’ve gone through and even more excited for what lies ahead. Life really is good, everyone. Alright, there’s my serious note for the year. I promise I won’t get this cheesy very often. P.S. Once again, if anyone is planning on coming to my graduation celebration, it is at 6:30 or so tomorrow, not earlier. Sorry if there was any confusion. Call or email with questions.


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