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U.S.A. Day

This week was much more manageable than last, as we have gotten more moved in, I didn’t have to go to the city, and we took time off to celebrate Independence Day.

Kira went back to our old place to meet with a client on Monday, a trip that she’s hoping to do away with soon. The kids and I managed pretty well at home, but I’ve been struggling a bit with figuring out exactly where to focus my energy. I made several more small home repairs and did more unpacking, but we’re entering a zone where nothing is that pressing any more, and the bigger projects I have in mind will cost money, which I’m trying to avoid spending.

We had a lot of fun on the 4th, starting the day out in a rush to get to a local fair in time for the turtle race. We made it in time, but it was so hot that we were ready to leave as soon as we’d gotten there. We took a look at the rides and were shocked to see that each ticket was $2, but just then a stranger approached me and handed me 3 tickets he said he couldn’t use. That was so kind of him! Our older kids each picked a ride to try, and then we were all ready to get out of the heat and humidity.

In the evening, we went to a party at our sister-in-law’s sister’s house, about 3 minutes away. That was a lot of fun for some of us. Carver had a great time playing video games, Kira had a fun time chatting, Hakan and Merritt enjoyed the water balloons, and I enjoyed all of the food. Avey was a bit bored after Merritt spilled soda on her, and she wasn’t too keen on the social scene.

We left at about dusk to set off our own fireworks at home, and it seemed that as soon as we got set up in the back yard, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, a storm raged in, blowing out our candles and knocking over our lawn furniture. Then came the pouring rain. It was a miserable end to the day, so we set off the fireworks the following afternoon. 

We got our first utility bill at our new address on Thursday, so on Friday we went to the library to get our cards. The kids were blown away that there was a suspended sand box there in the middle of the floor, and had a great time playing in it. I had to eventually tear Merritt away because he just couldn’t manage to keep the sand in the tub. Avey was excited for the DVD selections, as we set up a TV and DVD player in her room this week. She’s got a nice setup in there, and all it cost was $8 for the TV stand.

Saturday, after I mowed the grass and then finally trimmed all of our bushes, the kids and I went to check out the playgrounds at Carver’s school and then Avey’s school. With weather in the upper 70s, it was a great day.

Kira taught a lesson in Relief Society today, and is about to get a calling, though we don’t yet know what. Her birthday is tomorrow, so we’re all figuring out how best to celebrate in our new surroundings.

We’ll let you know how it turns out.


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