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Unconscious Weight

Tuesday was my last day on campus (although I had to head back on Thursday for a brief meeting), after which I have been trying to concentrate each moment on getting our crap in boxes. Packing while also trying to keep up with feeding the children is already challenging, but most especially when Daddy at home means playtime. Carver wants to play games the whole time I am trying to pack, and so I end up juggling the two and making very little progress. My most productive windows are when Kira takes the children to visit somebody they want to see before we leave, and then when the children are sleeping. 

The poor kids also need outings every day (lest they turn to eating each other alive), which is yet another burden on the schedule. We’ve tried to combine the outings with the errands we need done, and that usually works. For example, we were running out of packing tape, and needed a few groceries earlier this week. We made a quick stop at the library, and then visited our local Target. By the time we pulled into the parking lot, Carver was on the edge of a deep slumber (he’s been hit-and-miss with naps for several weeks now, needing a nap too late in the day to make it a good idea, or he won’t go to bed until very late). I picked him up and carried him through the store, and he slept on me the whole time. 

My arm is still sore. Checkout was the most difficult part, but luckily he awoke as I was trying to reach for my wallet. 

With Avey out of school, and everybody sorting through all of our possessions, Avey and Carver have been finding new ways to entertain themselves. One of them has involved the dress-up tote. We’ve slowly accumulated all manner of costumes and props over the years, and the children have rediscovered their wonder. Avey has been a mermaid, a superhero, and a bride, among others. Carver has come up with all sorts of interesting combinations, but my favorite is this one:

He’s some kind of scary little demon, apparently, donning a mask from his uncle Isaac in Japan, a Batman costume from his cousins in Utah, and a black cape from somewhere we can’t remember.

This time next week we will be in full panic mode, loading up the truck the next day. If you are in the neighborhood and have a good back and a few muscles, please stop by!

#Happenings #LittleGems

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