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Under Constant Surveillance

I had a funny, but somehow frightening, moment yesterday while driving in the car with Avey. Somebody driving near me did something rather careless, and I said out loud, “What the…” and Avey filled in the blank with, “heck.” Kira and I discussed this interesting little event and neither of us thinks that we say that phrase very often. Or if we do, we don’t really notice. Apparently somebody does, though.

So we have come to the scary realization that we now have at least two people who watch absolutely everything we do: the good Lord, and our daughter. Luckily, we don’t really use a whole lot of expletives or “colorful metaphors” around the ol‘ Ricks place. Still, it makes you worry that Avey will be in nursery in a couple of months and when some kid takes her blocks away she’ll raise up her arms in rage and query, “What the heck?”

#LittleGems #OnParenthood

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