• Elijah Ricks

Under the Weather

We made it through the second week of school, somehow. The weather was mostly nice and cool this week, making for a couple of beautiful days. Today is in the 90s and we awoke to 93% humidity, so the ride is over, ladies and gentlemen.

It was a relatively uneventful week as far as big happenings. I went into the city for the first faculty meeting of the semester on Wednesday. It was a good trial run for my commute, as I had to leave early enough that Kira was left getting the kids fed and dressed. It’s nice that they take the bus, and just this week they moved the bus stop to right in front of our house instead of a block away like it was.

I spent most of the week getting prepared for the semester, and now that I’m ready for the first day, I’m a little excited. I should probably calm down, because Tuesdays are going to be hell for me and, by extension, Kira. I need to catch a train around 6:30 in the morning to be there for my 8 a.m. class, and then I teach 4 courses that day, with the last one ending at 8:30 p.m. I’ll get home around 10:30. Luckily, it’s just one day per week, and the evening class is an extra one, so I’ll get some additional income.

(Note: that video is from before I fixed the gutters).

Most of us have phased through a cold in the last few days, although Kira and I seem to have it the worst. Friday night was awful as we were in the thick of it, so not sleeping very well. Kira let me sleep in, but was in for a rough ride when Merritt threw up and then dry heaved for several more minutes. She went back to bed once I was up, but Merritt’s tummy seemed fine by then. As I tried to feed him a little, eat, and manage the kids in my zombie-like state, I went into our mudroom for something, and I stepped into a puddle of water. An oversight had led to the washer’s drain tube draining onto the floor instead of the large sink we normally use. Avey was very helpful in retrieving towels and such while I used a bucket and dust pan to scoop the water into the sink so that it could drain. We have a drain on the floor where most of the water gathered, but it was not draining at all, much to my frustration. Naturally, after I had cleaned up nearly all of the water, I inspected the drain more closely to see why it wasn’t draining and found that there was just a plug in it. Had I pulled that first thing, it would have saved me maybe 20 minutes of scooping. Now I know.

There doesn’t seem to be any permanent damage at least, and we’ve made sure to not make the drain pipe oversight again.

Kira and I felt bad enough that we made Saturday a very low key day. We got the kids a movie to watch and some fast food to eat while watching it, and we got very little done aside from surviving. Last night was better, but we’re still feeling bad enough that nobody’s going to church. Kira was really looking forward to attending a little social event at some friends’ house this afternoon. Their oldest just returned from a church mission. It would probably be rude to expose everyone to this terrible cold, though.

I start teaching on Tuesday, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!


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