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Carver is a big fan of the yogurt that comes in individual tubes that he can squeeze. However, he has had some difficulty ensuring that he gets every last drop. Ergo, he must often request Kira’s or my help. One morning earlier this week, as I was his meal wing-man, he requested my help to “fix” his yogurt. I enthusiastically responded, “Sure! I can save the day!” Carver chuckled at my silliness and said, “Dad, you can’t save the day. You’re not a superhero – look at you.” He had me there. I learned quickly not to compare my minor meal contribution to, for example, Superman’s repeated prevention of humankind’s destruction. I am rightfully humbled. 

At another meal just yesterday, Carver wanted to play the Question Game. This game dates back to at least my childhood, where the child “earns” a bite of food he doesn’t want only after answering a trivia question. Sometimes it is the only thing that will get Carver to take a bite of food. We were playing this game, and Carver frequently likes to suggest questions for me to ask him. He may say, “Daddy, tell me about who is Captain Hook’s crew,” which means, of course, that he wants me to ask him about Captain Hook’s crew. Yesterday, just before a bite, Carver lit up as he got an idea. “Daddy, ask me where goldfish come from!” I was impressed that he would want such a difficult question, so I obeyed. “Carver, where do goldfish come from?” He thought for a second and then said, as if he were actually answering the question, “I don’t know.” Upon further reflection, I’m glad that he has the humility to admit that some things are beyond him for now. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our little Thanksgiving at home, except that the night before Kira discovered a little flooding in the basement. All of our snow had melted and it rained for two days straight, but fortunately, the water was not too much to handle, and once we knew it was there we could keep up on it easily. It’s been dry since the rain stopped and the leak should be repaired soon. 

Even so, we kept our spirits high with food. I made two Boston cream pies and a chocolate pudding pie that we just couldn’t get all the way through (try as we might), and we are still working on leftover turkey and rolls. For Black Friday, we hoped to avoid the crowds at all costs, but after Hakan and I found no traffic at the post office, we decided we would go get a Christmas tree to decorate. Although this is not the first year we’ve had the space, this is the year we all felt strongly about having a tree that is taller than we are. We invested in a nice 7′ tree, and spent a good bit of the afternoon decorating it. Hakan is mesmerized by the lights, and has found a new hobby in de-decorating the lowest branches whenever he sees an ornament outbreak. If we could only divert his efforts toward the weeds in the yard…

I have just about two weeks left of the semester, and we are really getting excited for a real winter this year, with snow and all. Merry Christmas!

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