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We are glad to celebrate my littlest brother’s birthday today, even though he is thousands of miles away from us in Japan. I suppose that is one way to party. 

The party goes on here in Texas, too. Carver has been more entertaining than ever recently. He is so talkative and enthusiastic about everything that he makes us believe everything is awesome all the time. 

I was giving him a bath earlier this week, and one of our bath toys is a large plastic cup. I thought I would show Carver a little game with the cup, so I leaned over the tub, filled the cup with water, and said, “Boy, I sure do need a drink…” As I slowly brought the cup to my lips, Carver caught on, and promptly smacked the cup out of my hands to splash back into the water. My playful expression of horror sent him into a giggle fit, and we reenacted the scenario several times. After a few minutes, he wanted to see what it was like to lose his drink. He filled the cup himself, said, “I just need a water,” and then dropped the cup into the tub before putting on a show of disappointment and frustration. 

As he replayed the scenario by himself, I thought I should get some video. I wanted to keep it G-rated, so I lifted a towel to block from view his unmentionables. I started recording, and Carver filled the cup, saw the towel I was holding out in front of the camera, and must have misunderstood its purpose, for he poured the full cup all over the bathroom floor, apparently aiming for the towel.

I did manage to get the fiasco on video, but as the towel failed in its aim, I thought better not to post it this time.

Avey, being officially 6½ years old, has been occupied with pushing her adult teeth to the surface of her gums. Naturally, her baby teeth are still in the way, causing some minor conflict. She’s had a loose bottom tooth for a couple of weeks now, and has worked on wiggling the little thing whenever she can. I have offered multiple times to remove it by any means necessary, but Avey politely declined each time, insisting that she is patient. Last night, after she had been in bed for several minutes, she came out saying that her loose tooth hurt. Further inspection revealed that the tooth was “hanging by a thread” as they say, but now sitting at an angle that probably poked her unnaturally. A firm, but gentle tug with some floss, and Avey now resembles a veteran hockey player.

She is very excited to take her baby tooth to school on Monday and gross out her classmates. That’s my girl!

#Happenings #LittleGems

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