• Elijah Ricks

Up to Our Knees in Leaves

It’s a bittersweet transition from an apartment to a house. Although I did landscaping as part of my first job right after college, we have not had our own yard to take care of for the first five years of our marriage. Now, we suddenly have a large yard with half a dozen very tall and very leafy trees. As tends to be the pattern about this time of year, the trees are shedding their leaves all over the lawn. Before this week, I had done some periodic raking to simply maintain, but this last week’s cold winds pulled nearly all of the remaining leaves from their branches to make a virtual ocean of browns, yellows, and oranges. This video was taken long before the tidal wave of foliage:

As you may imagine, Avey was a huge help with the job; Kira and I handled the raking, while Avey assumed the role of jumping in the piles, stopping us every few seconds to show us a particular leaf she found to be of interest, and occasionally telling us she was bored. We got the job done yesterday, but noticed that there are still a few stubborn leaves in the trees, so we may have to head out again and do it all over.

At least we don’t need to worry about mowing right now. We’ll get this whole routine down in a few years, I’m sure.


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