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Various Updates

I’ll separate these into categories for ease.

1. Job stuff – I went in for that supposed third interview the other day, and here’s the scoop; apparently there was a split decision right down the middle between some guy and me. I don’t know who made the initial decision, but they chose the other guy. So why bring me in for another interview? Well, the main guy in charge of the interviews said that he was very impressed with me and knew that a position would be opening in August, so he wanted to have me meet a couple of guys in charge of another department and see if he could convince them to come up with something part-time until August. The interview went really well, but they didn’t sound like they were in too much of a hurry to start their hiring process for another couple of weeks. Kira’s company has frozen all of its positions for the time being while the budget people work out their stuff, so that is on hold until July. The State of Utah should be setting up second interviews for their stuff in a couple of weeks as well, so this is where I play the waiting game. Needless to say, I am getting very frustrated.

2. Baby Stuff – We had another appointment with the midwife on Thursday and everything looks just fine and on schedule. Little Avey has been doing somersaults (that’s really how it’s spelled?) and cartwheels or something, because Kira has been feeling her move more and more all the time. Her movements are still a bit subtle for me, but I have felt two kicks distinctly this past week. Weird!

Kira is showing quite a bit more, depending on whom you ask. At work this week, a coworker told her how much more pregnant she’s been looking lately, but then three minutes later, another person commented on how she doesn’t look like she’s showing as much now. It feels obvious to her though, as her guts are shoved up into her diaphragm and she can’t sit down for too long. You be the judge though.

Um, well, I guess that’s about it. So only two categories this week – consider yourselves lucky! More updates to come…

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